Time for a change

Last night, we hosted a casual New Years Eve party to mark the passage from one calendar year to another. As we were waiting for the ball to drop (why do we do this, anyway?) with champagne in hand, I started to reflect on the year.

The bad:

Early 2014 – I totaled our favorite car, the weather was awful, I was unsatisfied with my job, and I injured myself beyond repair.

Mid 2014 was the slow, painful process of recovery. Extreme physical limitation (crutches are NOT my friend) taught me apathy, and how to shut out the world so that time would pass more quickly.

Late 2014 brought the realization that despite my best efforts, I was not yet healed. I would have to submit again to the surgeon’s knife in hope of regaining full strength.

Looking outside of my own experience, friends and family also struggled. Depression, fear, divorce, diagnoses, and lost faith seemed rampant.

However, through the memory of the pain associated with all the bad, the good began to shine through:

Community. Through all the pain of this year, we were there for each other. I feel overwhelming gratitude for the friends that were there, helping me, when I couldn’t help myself.

Hope. Through the apathy and disillusionment, there was always the promise of things to come. From immediate flickers of progress, like the feeling of joy when taking my first walking steps again, to the brilliant hope of the returning kingdom that makes itself known through a million widening tears in the fabric of this fallen world  – a day will come when all is right.


I can’t even express with words what the love was/is like.

When the countdown ended and the confetti in Times Square blanketed the skies, I realized that the tradition of celebrating the passage of time to a new year was so much more than marking the completion of another trip around the sun. Events in time are important, but the real celebration is centered on the timeless fruits of eternity underlying our earthly existence.

May community, hope, and above all, LOVE, pervade all our experiences in the new year.

Happy 2015, y’all.

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